You want to advertise.

You NEED to advertise.

But maybe you’re not sure WHERE or HOW to advertise.

After all, the goal is to bring in more business, right?

So you do the best you can. 

You listen to the ad sales people who tell you YOUR customers are exactly who they reach.

Maybe – hopefully – you even wind up with an ad that sounds or looks really cool, and impresses your friends.

But is it bringing in more business?

What if you could reach your current customers more often?

What if you could find more people like the ones who already love you?

That’s what our Facebook Accelerator program does.

You already know that Facebook learns a lot about us just by paying attention to
what we say, what pages and posts and pics and videos we like… 

Maybe you even spend time on Facebook interacting with your current customers, and looking for new ones. 

Or maybe you’re wondering how different things would be if you had the time to do that.

What if there was a robot who constantly monitored Facebook for people who need your product –
and then showed it to them?

Good news: we have that.
We call this robot Facebook Accelerator.

And this robot is smart, and really wants you to succeed.
So while it’s looking for people who need you,
it pays attention to your current customers –
what they say, what pages and posts and pics and videos they like… 

…and then finds other people – people you haven’t met yet – who are saying/doing/liking similar things.
And our smart little robot shows THOSE people your ads. 

And it learns. It gets better and better at finding your kind of people.

And the process continues 24/7 because robots don’t have to sleep. 

So every dollar you spend goes directly toward reaching the EXACT people you need.
And more of them every day.

By now you’re probably thinking…


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